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Power BI

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When it comes to query language for relational database management systems, SQL is the industry benchmark. This hands-on course will help you advance your knowledge and keep pace with today’s SQL standards. You will practice designing, writing, and testing complex SQL queries to execute on a practice database using SQL Server Express.

What you will learn

  • Learn how to write complex SQL queries to execute on a SQL Server database
  • Design and write SQL queries to filter, group, and summarize complex data subsets to retrieve specific data
  • Design and write SQL sub-queries and queries using functions, joins, and unions
  • Explore the benefit of stored procedures as you practice writing SQL user-defined stored procedures and trigger queries

How you will benefit

  • Expand your knowledge of SQL, the standard database query language
  • Become more confident in your ability to understand and write SQL queries
  • Open the door to new career opportunities as a SQL developer

How the course is taught

  • Instructor-led or self-paced online course
  • 8 Weeks or 12 Months access
  • 80 course hours

Course Information

Estimated Time: 16 Weeks

Difficulty: Advanced, Beginner, Intermediate


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Course Instructors

Pan Mukeh Pan Mukeh Instructor
Avatar Instructor

Power BI – Instructor Led


Power BI – Self Paced



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